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Paramedics taken hostage in Armenia’s capital
12:58 • 27.07.16

The armed group that attacked a police building in Yerevan on July 17 reported two of its members wounded.

Law-enforcers offered medical aid, but the armed group refused. The armed group members’ relatives too called on them to take the wounded to hospital. Law-enforcers created all the necessary conditions for paramedics, but the armed group took them hostage.
Ashot Aharonyan, Head of the Press Service of Armenia’s Police, said that law-enforcers are negotiating release of paramedics.
Yerevan standoff: two members of armed group seriously wounded, life in danger
10:12 • 27.07.16

Pavel Manukyan and his son Aram Manukyan, members of the armed group that attacked a police building in Yerevan on July 17, as well as a policeman, received wounds during a shoot-out last night.

The three were taken to the Erebuni medical center and underwent surgery.

“Pavel Manukyan and Aram Manukyan underwent urgent surgery and are in the intensive care unit now,” Mikael Manukyan, Executive Director of the Erebuni medical center, said.

The state of both is grave but stable and they are on artificial ventilation. Their life is in danger, Harutyun Mangoyan, head of the intensive care unit, said.

The wounded policeman’s state is moderately severe.
One of wounded members of Sansa Tsrer armed group is under arrest
20:02, 27.07.2016
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YEREVAN. – Son of “Sasna Tsrer” member Pavel Manukyan has been arrested, his lawyer Inesa Petrosyan told Armenian

At the moment Pavel Manukyan and his son Aram, members of the group that has been seizing the police regiment in Yerevan, are at Erebuni hospital.

The father and son are charged with seizure of building and transport as well as illegal possession of weapons.

Pavel Manukyan and his son Aram, have been operated on. Their condition is critical but stable.

On Wednesday night, the Armenian police announced about a shootout which took place in the territory of the police regiment seized by Sasna Tsrer armed group. As a result, a law enforcement officer, as well as Sasna Tsrer armed group members Pavel Manukyan and his son Aram were wounded. All three were immediately hospitalized. Besides, the police informed that two members of the group have surrendered.

For its part, Sansa Tsrer armed group announced that “the police have attacked the territory of the regiment; Pavel Manukyan, Aram Manukyan, Gevorg Iritsyan and probably other members of the group have been wounded. The police have taken Pavel, Aram, Gagik Yeghiazaryan and one more member of the group.”

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